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    Is this possible with a BCW, Chevette engine?  The boat and trailer weigh 900 pounds.



    Interesting, and very possible. And it might even be legal, depending on the state. Depending on the terrain, driving habits of the owner, angle of the launch ramp, tongue weight of the trailer, and road conditions, it might not be too dangerous.
    Years ago, brother bought a 4wd Suzuki Samurai – this is the car that some said would jump straight up in the air, do a backflip and sometimes land on it’s feet. He put a plow on the front and it was a terrific snow clearing machine. One spring it was unseasonably warm, so he hooked his new 18′ boat and trailer up, towed it about 80 miles through NY’s Catskill mountains and enjoyed a day on the water. The plow was still mounted on the front. I have a picture of the rig (which really dwarfs the Samurai) somewhere.

    Sure,it’s possible.

    Peter C. King


    Great pictures. You have to take that rig to a show. 

    Have you checked on the tow rating for a Chevette drivetrain? You are talking about less than half a ton. 
    Boat ramps can be hard on a clutch. Try driving up a boat ramp without the trailer to see if you want to do it with another 900 pounds on the hitch.  
    I’ve towed a number of sailplane trailers. They are windage queens. The side draft from passing semi’s has blown unwary drivers off the road. 

    You too will have a windage problem. There will be times when that trailer will be driving the car. Be careful.  

    Vicenç Feliú


    That is awesome!

    Would love to see you post them to our Flickr group:

    Vicenç - (bee sense)
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    1986 Aston - BCW Model 52 - "Montse II"

    (1983 FiberFab MiGi II - "Montse")

    edward ericson


    What a stunning rig. I hope you do it.

    I’ve fantasized about putting a hitch on Bridget to tow…something. We’re running two kayaks now and they’re both made of tupperware but I’ve seen a few really nice wood ones that would look good trailing behind her.
    We’ve only got a 3/4-mile run to the launch area, and i’d probably limit it to that launch area because of the potential crosswind issues.
    Of course, a trailer for two kayaks makes not much practical sense, which is why we haul them in the pickup bed now and will most likely be running a roof rack on my wife’s econo-box by next season. But the TD sure do look much cooler…
    I think a front engined car would be a much better tow candidate–even if it only had 80 horse.
    Peter C. King


    Like this? Canoe/kayak trailers are built light. You may have to build the 2 kayak version. 
    Car with Trailex SUT-200 & Grumman Canoe


    I’ve thought about something similar as well. Although my plan included building a small pop-up teardrop style camper trailer. Would love to know how it affects driving though. 

    The biggest issue I thought of was needing the trailer to be well balanced and not too tongue heavy. (Especially for a rear engined TDr)
    Rob Baker


    I tow a Force Five sailboat (145 lbs) behind my Ford project but only about a mile.  I would not put a 900 lb sailboat behind my car on a public road.

    edward ericson


    Thing with a trailer, you need to have some tongue weight in order for it to track straight. I think 10 percent is the rule- of- thumb minimum. So, 90 lbs, as in this example, is prob OK for a front engined car. But on Bridget I’d think not.



    Ok now were seeing some calender photo’s for 2015




    I too am hoping to tow a small boat behind my VW kit. Im looking at west marines classic dinghy. It should look real sweet cruising down PCH. The boat weighs only 100 lbs and the trailer can be bought at harbor freight. We should be rolling next summer.



    I talked to a trailer dealership and Jerry B., a fellow TDr owner and one savvy dude. Both said don’t do it. Oh, well. It was a fun idea.

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