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    bruce dodds


     Hi,I have a fiberfab ford kit and it came to me with no top, I found an original MG-TD 2 bow top frame, what do you guys think, could I make this work? thanks Bruce in N.J.

    William J Collins


    try it ..the frame ..see if it lines up OK ..And if it does ..your lucky two ways

    .. As I have a unused top material.. “Stayfast” canvas that I had bought from

    Moss and never used…ya can make me an offer for it ..Now don’t be silly

    and try to low ball me ..we all know whats it’s worth and I’ll let it go for forty

    percent off list at Moss..Including the shipping to anywhere in the lower

    forty eight

    bruce dodds


     not easy to try it, I found it in California and won’t buy it if I can’t figure if it will fit even with some mods.

    Larry Murphy


     Hi Bruce, I purchased a top for an original 52 MG with a 2 bow top and was able to use it with no changes except cutting 2 inches off each end of the rear top support bar. This allowed the rear of the top to lean forward and fit the top at the proper position. This did not lower the height over the head of the driver or passenger. My car is a VW based London Roadster so the deminsions might not be the same. You can see pics in my photo gallery I got my top from Top Guys on the internet, About $205 ii my memory is correct.I remember seeing somewhere on this site that front engine cars had different deminsions from rear engine cars but I don’t know if it’s just wider fe inders or the body as well. Hope this helps. I should have made it clear that the bow I cut was the one that came on my car ,not an original MG bow. MG Magic has the kit car bow kits or you could make up your own from parts you get at a marine supply store.The $205 was for the top with no frame or bows.Larry Murphy39870.7903472222



    Hello Bruce, i find myself in about the same situation, i

    have a VW base ‘London Roadster’ that needs a top, i see

    these top frames on ebay and would love to try one, but a

    couple hundred bucks just to try is a bit rough. soooo did

    you try? i really don’t want to go back to the original

    snaps and boat parts



    Contact MG Magic in Florida.

    They sell the top frame and a beautiful replacemet topset. you can get side curtans, Spare tire cover and all the reqired snaps

    bruce dodds


     THANKS, I already ordered a tonneau cover from them till some $ frees up!


    Then try it..Good luck..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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