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    Ron Sparks


      Help Help.   Just got my Migi on the road after 8 months of work and I can’ get the speedometer calibrated.  Tried the autocalibrate but do not have acess to a dyno or measured mile.  Speedo is a programable vdo with a Hall effect sensor and running 165/15 tires.  Can anyone tell me how many pulses per mile so I can manually set it?   Thanks

    Dan Rosa


    I have an idea it may or may not work you could ask your local police to check your speed by radar to see where your spedo is at,it may take a few times but may help. Dan R.  ps. good luck buy donuts!!

    Paul Mossberg



    Where are you? Any interstate highways nearby?

    All Interstates are marked off in miles and tenths. Most state highways are marked too.

    Paul Mossberg
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    Mark Hendrickson


    Does the speedo have “dip” switches? or is it digital (electronic) odometer and analog (needle) mph indicator?

    I set all my Autometer electronic speedo’s like Paul suggests. I go to a local divided highway when the traffic is light and stop at the same mile marker every time. Then I drive the 2 miles at a constant speed and stop after two miles as Autometer directs.

    If yours has dip switches on the back of the speedo, then do this with someone with their cruise control set at a constant speed. Just look out for traffic. 



    You could also try to find one of the speed monitoring displays on the highway where they display your speed as you are approaching the check point

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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