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  1. Looks very similar to my Mg TD “Woodward” I purchased in late April, 2019 from Paul. Woodward was assembled in 1980 by Paul’s father after Paul had bought the kit for him for his birthday. Paul received wonership of Woodward after his father passed but 4 years ago Paul lost his left leg due to diabetes but had an arm manufactured attached to the steering wheel tube which allowed him to work the clutch with his left hand. Last winter Paul lost his right leg due to diabetes and canacer so was forced to sell Woodward.

    This weekend Woodward and I went to the Leroy, MI car show where the drivers voted to pick best of show. To my amazement Woodward received the best of show trophy despite my clearly labeling his windshield ID as kit car assembled in 1980. I sure am glad I purchased Woodward versus any other car. Garry Riggs

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