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    There are many notable woman such as Madam Marie Curie, Golda Meir, Rosa Parks, Helen Caldicott, Ruth Bader Ginsburg , Barbara Walters, and Gloria Steinem to name a few.
    There are however many more woman who go unnoticed in the global consciousnesses. Emily King was one of them. I first became aware of Emily as a consequence of my purchase of…[Read more]

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    1. Name:Al Lococo
    2. Screen name: Al Lococo
    3. Home City & State: Winter Haven, Florida
    4. Car Location City & State (If different): same
    5. Year and Manufacturer: 1952 Classic Roadsters MG TDĀ 
    6. Engine: 1984 Chevette 1.6L 4 cyl
    7. Trans: 4 speed manual
    8. <b>Body color: Cream with Brown fenders</b>
    9. Top color: Brown
    10. Interior color: Tan
    11. Built by::…

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