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    Well, things have changed. No money had changed hands and it was sold
    from under her. It was a good thing as there was a lot of rust underneath
    and needed a new rolling chassis. I was glad it went and she finally agreed it
    was going to be a money pit. Thank you all for the information.

    A tangent, web man please forgive. I found a 1934 Pace Racer…[Read more]

  • The car was built in Vancouver according to the owner. I am in Winnipeg. I
    am told a very good top man has left the city and opened a shop in
    Nanaimo. If needed, I could probably get name and address.

    I have exchanged e-mails with Brad at MG Magic. They say the Daytona was
    not friendly with tops and would need to have it actually there to do…[Read more]

  • I have put up some pictures I took today. I wanted you to have a look and
    possibly give me some guesses before I call MG Magic. I have been informed
    it is a 1976 engine. The seller bought it in Vancouver BC about 20 years ago.
    He bought it about one year after it was completed. It has a bit of a sag in
    the rear but I do not think that will be…[Read more]

  • Thank you all for the help. Hopefully, this Sunday I will be able to see the
    car, and take some pictures. I will look for the emblem also. Is there any
    particular picture that would be of help, other than the emblem? I can post
    the pictures at the above site. They will be about 2.5MB each so may load or
    download slowly.
    I will post a note when…[Read more]

  • Thanks. I will go and have a look at the car and compare it with what you
    wrote about differences. I am told there is no plate.
    I have uploaded the three pictures I have to my ISP. I left them unlocked in
    case the viewing size is too small and you would like to download them. The
    link is http://photoshare.shaw.ca/gallery/hamishd/
    I appreciate…[Read more]

  • Thank you for another lead. Are the kit car tops that far off the originals?
    She researched locally and received estimates of $800-$1000 Cdn.
    Topsonline was $230 USD. That is a big difference.
    I believe the seller has a drawing with measurements. I will get it and do
    some more research.
    I am told the kit car was from FL. Would the maker still be…[Read more]

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