• Jeff Troy posted an update 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    My kit windshield had a small chip on the border. The chip was hidden by the frame, but while working on the top installation, I saw a large diagonal crack in the glass running all the way from top to bottom. Clearly I will need a new windshield before attempting to get the new project titled, but the question is WHERE? Is the Fiberfab windshield directly interchangeable with a genuine TD windshield, and whether it is or isn’t, where can I find either one? A windshield from a parted out project would be ideal if anyone has one for sale. Any and all help will be much appreciated. BTW, I just changed my profile picture to show my three English Setters in the TD cockpit. Left to right are (the late) “Henry” (CH Celestial Icon), “Corona” (Celestial’s Life’s a Beach), and “Elsa” (AMGCH/CANCH Celestial’s Decision to Dance With Southern Heritage). I haven’t named the car yet, and might not ever do that. Thank you for any help you can give me with the glass.

    • I had the exact problem with a crack years ago. The good ting is the windshield is flat. The glass replacement firm just cut a piece of flat stock to fit.
        • Hi,Al,
          Thanks so much for the quick reply. What glass service did you use? Local independent or national chain? Thx again.
            • Glass America, don’t know if national but the one I used was in Chicago area, it was probably about 15 years ago.
                • Thanks Al. You’re an ace.
                    • I’m thinking that the windshield cracking was the result of fitting the top. After tucking the forward flap into the windshield frame, is it possible that pulling the rear of the top tight to mark for the snap buttons could have caused enough of a “bend” in the frame to crack the glass? Don’t know what else it could be because other than that, the glass was just sitting quietly and undamaged in the frame. I’d hate to have it happen again with new glass! Any thoughts?