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John Stricklin

  • Formular Board is expanded polystyrene (foam). Pieces are easy to glue and shape but the material does have a downside — If you try to use polyester resin to impregnate glass cloth over a polystrene foam shell, the foam will just dissolve. Epoxy must be used at 2x to 3x the resin cost unless you spend hours and lots of money trying to…[Read more]

  • I posted in another thread several months ago per plans to make a fiberglass removable hardtop in Airline Coupe style for a replica TD that I was considering buying. I have lots of fiberglass experience in both custom cars and custom boats. Followup posts discouraged possibilities of any sales of HT shells to help spread costs of the molds and I…[Read more]

  • I don’t understand EDSNOVA post cc below —

    Jes, go here:

    Get on the forum, look around. There is hard top interest there and the bux to make it worth your while. 
    I went there and found much interest in Porsche Spyder kits, etc, etc — is EDSNOVA suggesting I forget the MG kit and go after a Porsche lookalike?? o…

    [Read more]

  • I have had a hobby of designing and making hardtops for a variety of convertables and sportscars including Fords, MGs, Austing healeys, Miatas, and mot recently an MR2Spyder — I have always wanted to make an Airline Coupe hardtop for an MGTC ot TD but never could afford the price to buy a car. I have a lead on a MIGI in reasonable shape and…[Read more]

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