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  • I have the Muir book, and I found a procedure to adjust my carb on Rob and Daves site.  It runs ok once it gets warmed up, but the cold start is miserable.  I tried adjusting the choke but it still doesn’t like it when it’s cold.  I’ll just keep fiddling with it.

  • It’s a 30 PICT – 2,  The guy I bought the car from changed the accelerator pump diaphragm, and the float and needle to get it running.  I squirted card cleaner in the idle mix port and the idle cut off.  But I’ll probably do a more complete rebuild  after driving season.

    There is no wire running up the steering column, and as it was extended I’m…[Read more]

  • Greetings, last May I bought a ‘barn find’ VW based FiberFab MiGi.  It’s in not too bad shape, it runs and drives.  And I don’t have to tell you it is fun to drive!  So far I got the electrics straightened out (except for one thing), and I’m trying to get the carb set so it doesn’t stall.  And of course it needs to be compounded and polished, and…[Read more]

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