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    Solutions to problems–Best Buy did a great install on PIoneer radio with wood dash cut. Cooper white walls, very reasonable compared to Coker. License plate holder under bumper from EBay, easy install to center the plate. Panorama mirror snap-on gives great visibility but removes for a show–I keep the small useless mirror for shows. Gauges wen…[Read more]

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    Duchess purchased from Punta Gorda, FL in Feb 2021. Mustang 2.3 but seems to be Chevette frame. Fuel gauge not working, New Pioneer radio. Seats to be redone in Sept. Had a 53 TD in my late 20s and needed a fun car in my early 70s–Duchess is much more dependable and real head-turner. Daily driver for me, local. New Cooper white walls. MGRITA, n…[Read more]

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