Brian LeBlanc

  • I have a migi Daytona. I am wondering where the fuses are located. I can see the strip with all the screws and connections on the drivers side cowl, but can’t seem to locate the fuses. Could someone direct me to the location.



  • I have a 67~68 1500.  I am running with 20W50, today I got a new oil presure sensor, that has two leads so I will add an idiot light as well, so that if the gauge is off, I know I’m ok if the light is not on.
    As far as driving the car in Calgary, I expect to garage it for 6 months starting at the end of October, or when the snow flies! I get…[Read more]

  • Frank,
    From what I’ve read it apears somewhere between 180 and 220 is acceptable, I attempt to keep mine under 200, – but then I live in Canada! and that is after running at 3,800 RMP for three hours – averaging 70 to 75 mph!

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