Michael Groose

  • Yes, in Mo you can license a home made car, kit cars, etc.  It is a pretty strait forward process HOWEVER,  you MUST have the purchase receipts, donor car title, etc.  For example with the donor car title you can use the VIN for the new car, if you use the donor motor, transmission, and rear end and have the title in possession you are half way th…[Read more]

  • I am certainly not beyond playing the system as much as possible and have considered previously what you suggest.  There are two problems here in Mo.  One is that after getting a title it must be inspected by the Highway Patrol for matching part numbers and Vin’s.   It is virtually impossible to get something like this past them.  Secondly is insu…[Read more]

  • Current owner I don’t think even knows builder.  Builder died 5 years ago and the current owner bought it at a sale I think.  He parked it in storage and left it set.  Now 4 years later he drags it out and decides to sell it but has no papers at all and very little information regarding its history.  It needed wired and some other minor thing whe…[Read more]

  • I have given up.  I went to the Highway Patrol and got just bad news,  I then went to the State Office of Motor Vehicles where I got  more bad news and referred to the Circut Court Clerk.  I went there and got more bad news regarding declaritory judgements, etc.  I then called the guy who had it and told him what I found out, which of course ruin…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the comments.  I live in Missouri.  I have been working on this all day and it seems that in Missouri there is a court action call declaratory judgement.  I am checking into it tomorrow but told today I may need to hire a lawyer to fill out the petition.  POSSIBLE BIG PROBLEM is that I was told today I may not have standing to file for…[Read more]

  • I have found a vehicle just completed.  It looks great, pinto engine, etc.  I want it BAD.  The problem is the owner who was just finishing it died and there is NO paperwork.   No donor car information, no fiber fab documents, other than the manuals etc.

    IF it possible at all to get a title to a vehicle like this.  It has no value but parts if no…[Read more]

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