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    Believe it or not you have 3 TD members just south of you in the Stafford area – Rick – building his car now (just spent an hour with him last weekend checking out his cool rides and garage), Dean – just south of me with a running and driving example and myself with a car I restored about 12 years ago. Looks like we have a club and did not know it.
    Pick a time and lets see if we can get together.

    • My contact info is: 703 407-8746, and would like to hear from others in the Northern Virginia area. Lee

    • At this point it’ll be after Thanksgiving. Help setting the carb., oil pressure indicator, along with a couple of other gauges would be handy.

      Thanks again, Lee

      • Lee
        Sounds like you are getting on top of it and looking forward to meeting.

        • I didn’t find my “neighbors” with TDs on the map. What am I doing wrong?


          • Okay, just figured out how to reply…
            Wow, thank you. I am retired leaving me available most of the time. How would you suggest we set up a meeting?

            BTW, I still have not been able to repair the oil pressure indicator so am reluctant to drive my TD.

            Thanks again, Lee

    • Rick
      Sounds like that might work.
      Lee – Would that work for you?
      Dean you up ? I will send you a text.

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