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    Bit late but can you get rid of the rear crab effect by using adjustable shocks.  Thanks

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    Well got a new carb and fuel pump.  Installed, did static timing and it started almost immediately.  Did dynamic timing with a strobe and it was amazing that it started at all.  Must have been about 20 or more degrees BTC when it should have been 5 ATC after.  Carb hardly needed any adjustment.  Will now look at an electronic ignition but basi…[Read more]

  • Problem is you have to get the idle more or less correct before you can run a dynamic timeing.  This is currently the problem I am having and it is complicated by the fact that there is a gas leak at either or both the carb and fuel pump.  Replacements are on order.  As of now I am not sure if you can do a static timeing on a 1970 and later engine.

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    Good Afternoon Folks

    I have just purchased a FiberFab MG on a 1970 VW chassis.  Needs some wotk but the price was right and I need someting to tinker with.  Went for the VW based due to ease of working on it and availability of parts.  I am in the process of getting it a safety test but cannot get it to idle.  Appear to have a gas leak at eit…[Read more]

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