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    Ok everyone here is the long-awaited RSVP and Order Form for the Saturday Gala at Carlisle. This will be held at The Orchards, a banquet facility and restaurant about 15 miles from the hotel site. There will be a cash bar, food, and the usual Tomfoolery that we do (and maybe some unusualTomfoolery or even hijinx) before repairing back to the Hospitality Suite for the annual Spare Parts, Weird Tools, Wine, Booze and Art Raffle.

    Dinner is $40 per head, please send the check or money order made out to me at the below address or PayPal me the dough. 

    If you use Paypal please use “friends and family” option and put your full name in the message so I can credit you. BUT ALSO SEND THE FORM SO I CAN DO ALL THE HOUSEKEEPING/NAMETAGGING/ACCOUNTING/RE-COUNTING AS NEEDED FOR THE WEEKEND.

    Thanks all!


    *RSVP Form* 2019 SPEEDSTERS MEET SPYDERS – MAY 16-19 *RSVP form *

    Carlisle event attendees, please copy and complete this form and e-mail it to “” or US mail it to Edward Ericson, PO Box 323, Joppa, MD 21085.


    Name: ___________________________________________________________

    City, state, zip: _____________________________________________________

    E-Mail address: ____________________________________________________

    Phone number: (home) ____________________ (cell) ______________________

    Name(s) of guest(s): ________________________________________________


    Are you bringing your Speedster? Y ____ N ____ or other replica?_____________

    If Yes or “other”, are you driving or trailering? Driving ______ Trailering ______


    Speedster/Spyder Manufacturer:

    Beck_______ CMC______ Fiberfab_______ Intermeccanica_____ JPS_____ SAS_____ThunderRanch _____ Vintage_____ Other________________________


    Have you registered with Carlisle? Y ____ N ____

    If not, here is the website: https://store.carlisleevents.c…chResults.asp?Cat=23

    All Carlisle Import/Replica event-related info – INCLUDING REGISTRATION INFO – can be found at that site.

    Page down to “2019 Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals – Judged or Non-judged Showfield”

    IMPORTANT! When registering, please specify your club as “SPEEDSTER OWNERS”.

    Add this registration to your cart and check out.


    Hotel you are staying at _________________________________

    What night(s)? Thursday____/Friday____/Saturday____?

    Note: The host hotel for the meet is the Courtyards by Marriott Shippensburg.

    If you want to stay there, see details on under the Events thread at:



    Yes! I’ll attend the Gala Saturday Evening Awards dinner. Please reserve ______ spots.

    * Dinner: $40.00 per person (includes service charge and state sales tax), must be paid by May 1. Please make your checks or money orders out to Edward Ericson Jr. or you can paypal me at the email above.

    Total submitted:



    Do you need any additional information? Y ____ N ____






    Carlisle, people! Mid-late May.

    See also (for more details)

    Hope to see everyone there. I’m sorta kinda in charge of the banquet thing…




    my stuff will be in the mail this week. looking forward to seeing everybody




    Hi Bill:

    keep me posted on the Pit Grand Prix BBQ.

    I currently have Annie stored for the winter at Wampum lime quarry. Once she is out, we should get together.






    Just booked a room for Thursday – Saturday night – looking forward to seeing you guys

Viewing 5 posts - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)

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