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    I have an unbuilt FF kit with frame for Mustang II setup.  Also have a chance to buy an MGB front suspension (complete) and rear axle.  The appeal of the MG stuff is obvious, but I’m not familiar enough with any of these components (kit, MGB, or Mustang) to know if this is a good mix.


    Appeal 1: It’s MG stuff going into an MG replica.  Cool.  Appeal 2: TD replicas often have rims that look too wide, as if they’re trying to escape the fender wells.  The MGB track is 6″ narrower than a stock Mustang II, which might keep those tires well inside the fenders.


    Any thoughts?




    I’ve not heard of this but it would seem a simple enough matter: 1. measure your Mustang II rig, paying close attention to all the pickup points.

    2. measure your frame rails & cross-member. Make a diagram or drawings of where these two systems intersect. Note stuff like “oil pan” to remind yourself about potential clearance problems with the other kit.

    3. Go to the MGB & take the same measurements. Make the same kind of drawings (and steal this one) to the same scale if you can manage that. But if not, just look at the numbers.

    See where the two front end systems overlap & where they don’t. If the places they don’t fit can be corrected with a BFH and/or a judicious bit of fabrication, then go for it.

    And, please, report your findings.

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    Apparently you could also narrow your Mustang II setup down to 48 inches, if you wanna.




    A lot of work for such little gain. The Ford suspension is far more popular and brake options are endless. Bolt in coil overs are available as well as dropped spindles to easily achieve the stance you require. I have three sets of wheels for mine. 14″ steels, 14″ wires and 15″ steels.  The 14″ steels from a Fairmont keep 195/70R14 tires well within the fenders.

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    Thanks for the advice, guys.




    I am a firm believer if the KISS method of building do not make it more expensive or complicated




    One other measurement in addition to those Ed outlines, albeit one that is hard to check prior to assembly.

    I suspect bringing the front track in three inches on each side would probably bring the tires into contact with the front fenders.

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