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The Allison story continues with Kenny Allison making dune buggies before the TD’s. After the TD’s he went into renovating the inside of busses for rock stars of the 80’s that traveled from city to city. He used only quality materials in the TDs & they sold then for $ 15,000. Yes, as Larry Murphy said,”They are quality cars”. Anytime any of you are in the central Florida area , let me know via this forum or my email address of & I’ll be glad to show it to you.Include a subject of “MGTD devotee” so your message won’t be junked & give me a few days notice. I still have many brochures,etc. which were used to market the masterpieces of his garage. Now that it has a new top & new chrome it is 99% ready to show. My girl has named it ” Maurice”.        &nb sp;        Larry