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hii gusy,,,, thsi issss bvuck,,i just josined today,,,,, well aslt week but it fianlly let me in,,,,todaay,,,, i have paratially finsished kit that i thaink may be fibrefab,,,it is pinto baseddd but has full sspring underrr ther rearrr insteadddd of halaf sprinng that i seeeee posted on yoaur booksss dowloaddd asseambly amnual, ,,,,,k,, i lwoldd like toa buy a badgee and would like to donate to the funddd,,, i intenddd to stay aawhaiale if i cannn,m,, i aposogiize for the taypinag, sorry its noot laikely to gettt betterrrr,, if the foraum host will conatact me, with instauctions how to trasnfrer the fundss,, bcuk for the mascot and websiste doanatons,, buck