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William J Collins


I just sent Frank another $25.00 .. a few badges sold lately and still have a few left ..In case any ones interested the Manf. charged me. $25.00 a badge for the original forty that were made.. The clips were another $3.xx a set . The mailing envelopes $.90 each and postage at first I was sending by Priorty Mail which I found too expensive and the post office said that I could send by first class  being most package’s were seven OZ..So it now cost like $2.50 for most mailing to the lower 48 states ..So we have $25.00+$3.xx(I forgot the change amount)+$.90+$2.50 which comes to $31.00 or so.OH and PAYPAL crabs a couple of dollars as a fee.So really were not making a ton of money .. But it has been what I consider a good project and I got my investment back and Frank get a few dollars towards the website .Which BTW is now I see has quite a few new and active members asking questions and giving some good advice back and forth..i for one am serious this year to sell the Angelica ..really sorry I have too But I need to Pay some bills and the rented garage is to costly any body needing a good running finished kit this is the one ..Just needs TLC Bill Collins39841.7629166667