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Keith True


After a few years of looking around I have found they are the only place to get anything bodywise.There are hundreds of places to get the VW parts.He had some front bumper seconds awhile back,I got a couple of them,if you need a top you ought to get it now,he is not sure how long he is going to be making them.I found boat canvas shops talk a good story,but in the end their product comes nowhere near the quality of his tops.He is all done with carpet,although he still has some red and burgundy in stock for the VW based cars.The boat shop fellow here told me maybe $400.for the top.I showed him the material,how it was to be done with fitted and zippered side curtains and the price went to $1000. I think I paid $545.each for the last two tops I got from Brad.That includes side curtains.So,if you go out pricing tops make sure you are pricing apples for apples.It won”t take long to put a couple of thousand into a toy car,but if you keep it under cover it will last a long time.