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Mark Hendrickson


Gary, I’m no “spring” chicken either (bad pun).

You will be able to correct the ride height by using the correct free height and weight (rate) spring.

Here’s a no brainer to measure your suspension travel:  Take a tie wrap and place it on the shock shaft (piston) as tight as possible. Then, while the car is sitting static at ride height on a level surface, push the tie wrap down flush against the shock body.

Drive your normal manner for 10 or 20 miles and come back and park at the spot you put the tie wrap on. The tie wrap will have moved the total distance of your suspension’s shock travel.

If the distance is minimal, that’s too stiff. If the distance it too great and the frame bump stops show that they were being contacted, there is too much travel. Surely not your case.

You can locate and put a dab of grease on the rubber suspension bump stops to see if the suspension has been contacting them. It will leave a grease print on the suspension part, usually an upper and/or lower control arm.

The kit car makers used to cut the springs/VW tubes to get the suspension static height correct, but gave no consideration to the ride and handling.

I’ll write myself a note to measure the springs.