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Bob Foard


Kieth,  I really do appreciate your response.  I never would have guessed the idea of cutting short sections of the small leafs to accomplish the proper fit into the torsion bar arms and grub screw attachment points.  Did you do that to all 12 of the short leaves in both the upper and lower tubes?  You had said earlier that you had removed leaves from the cut front beam before the ice set in, but it was unclear how many you removed and how well it worked out once you were able to test it this spring.  I like your approach, and would like to do mine based on your findings.  Also can you tell me your feelings on any importance to removing the same amount of leaves from both tubes?  I am guessing that it is not that important to have the torsion bars in both tubes equal, but if I am wrong I would like to be corrected before I put it all back together.  I am still in the early phase of this build, so unable to do a road test yet. Thanks again.