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Keith True


I took out all of the half leafs.I have been busy this summer with rebuilding a house to sell,and have hardly driven the car.I did drive it to our camp,about 35 miles away and truthfully could not tell the difference.But,that is only because I drive so many different things and just would not remember after the winter.I bet if I drove it this week,then changed the suspension and drove it a couple of days later I would know.The way I got the short peices to line up right so they would slide into the grooves was to buy a $10.weld in adjustable torsion spring anchor,slide all the leafs in,and tack-weld them in place.Then when I slid them into the beam already in the car they went right into place.The one that told me how to do this was Pink MG.I think it is a sound idea.The only thing that he thought would happen was that with my already cut and turned beam it would change my ride height.On mine,it did not change it a bit.Both of my tubes have been cut and turned.The car I have on the lift right now being finished has a new beam under it.I think on that I am going to take out the leafs as Pink suggests,and cut and turn the beam centers.I could put in adjustable centers,but,once it is set to height it will never have to be changed again.