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Keith True


I just removed the leaves from a cut front beam in one of my cars.Then the ice set in and I won”t get to try it till spring.I was going to cut the beam and put back to original but the ride height has not changed.That really surprised me.I thought there would be a substantial drop.It did not surprise the front end guy I use.I will find out in the spring.I will try it,add if I need to,or cut and reweld if I have to.When I get it where I want it I will do the same to the other cars.The roads around here that I run with these cars are pretty rough.I can”t honestly say how this car handled at high speed,even though I have had it for 20+years.I have had it above 50,but only when I had to get on one of the big roads.99% of the driving with these cars are 40-45 mph.That is probably why handling has never been an issue.If I did get going too fast the front end always stayed in place,the rear would swing out on a washboard road.I am going to turn .100 off the rear bars as you suggest,and try the cheapo J.C.Whitney shocks.I always knew better than to use gas shocks.I have made a good living replacing shock mounts in Chevy and Ford trucks that the owners just had to have those super-duper zillion dollar multi-stage exotic gas filled things installed in.I have always used old shocks taken off old Volkswagens.If they had some return resistance I would use them.I bought a TD-VW that the owner had nearly completed and gave up.He had huge off-road gas shocks and you cannot even push it DOWN,never mind the rebound.I just bought an unbuilt FiberFab kit,the first one I have ever found.No holes drilled,no cut front end,I will get to do it myself.It is quite a feeling unwrapping the grille shell,bumpers,dash,etc for the first time since they were packed when new.I am going to keep that one,one other for my wife,and sell the other two.We do not need more than one each.Plus,I have 4 Model A Fords,(3 on the road)old Harleys,old british bikes,antique backhoes,tractors and bulldozers,so you can see why I will explore every option before buying 3 new axle beams.I would post pictures but I seem to have trouble doing it.I am also a technological dinosaur.Big smile