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Mark Hendrickson


Paul is right…INCREDIBLY good looking

Tha hose Paul described it the filtered intake for the crankcase ventalation system. The hose I am talkng about is from the PCV valve itself (mounted in the valve cover) to a port on the carb base or intake manifold. This collapses if it’s old and soft (unlike Paul and I) from the direct vacuum port it’s hooked to.

If you VW guys have dual Kadrons and use a uni-sync, a Pringles chips can cut down very cleanly can be attached to the uni-sync to get it to clear the carb air horn. I’m sure a well manicured and possibly gasketted piece of PVC would work too…but no munchies come in PVC pipe

Just a note for JasCochran: Marvel Mystery Oil lowered my Cholesterol 30 point too! I love that stuff!

Paul and Mark…we sound like two Gospel writers!