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Mark Hendrickson


My phone booth (remember them?) sized (10’x16′) attached garage is well heated with a ventless natural gas heater. Problem is, if I’m in there, the car has to be outside and if the¬†MG is in there, I have to be outside!!!

I’m working on finally having my own “real” garage and may even install a nice 2 post lift. I’ll be in heaven!!!

I’ve been using the Auto Craft Shop on Fort Monmouth (I work there). Due to budget cuts, it is closing on 01 April along with several other Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities on post. It had 16 bays (5 w/lifts), a machine shop, welding shop, parts cleaner (steam), a steam jenny, a huge tool room, work benches, tire balancer, tire machine, presses, etc. Several of us are investigating leasing it and operating it as a contractors.