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Michael Pullen



You’re right about the pictures; especially ones taken by people selling cars.  I’m sure the usual proceedure is to take a bunch and sort through them to see which ones show the car to at it’s best, ie do not show dents or cracks, show more gloss than is really on the finish etc. There’s so much stuff that doesn’t show up on a picture!  I have seen a few of these kits that were produced in limited runs for various promotions, such as the yellow ones for Schweeps Tonic. 

Have you tried the dealors who specialize in kit cars and advertise on the Internet? There are two or three you can find with a Google search for kit cars fior sale or something similar.  I would stick to the manufacturers that were recomended by our members. You still run the risk of a poorly assembled kit, but at least you are assured that most of the parts are of good quality.  The problems with a lot of these kit cars are in the details; little things you don’t notice at first because you’re bowled over by the swwopy fenders and shiny grill but after a few weeks they drive you absolutely nuts.  Things like funky door latches and clunky VW tail lights to name a few. If this kind of thing bothers you, you will spend more in the long run replacing all those annoying little parts at current prices.