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edward ericson


All this talk about shock issues confuses and frightens me. I’ve got an adjustable beam on the way from CA, so I hope I can get some input on this. Please correct me if I’m wrong on the following:

Basically, the adjustable beam leaves the car at exactly the same ride height as it had before, correct? You’re adjusting the spring rate–the tendency of the suspension to be able to actually move in response to bumps–but leaving the car’s at rest stance unchanged, correct?

So the the shock absorbers already in use before the swap should work just fine after the installation of an adjustable beam. Yes?

Which means that any shock absorber issues–bottoming out, too short travel, etc.–encountered after the installation of the adjustable beam would be the result of changing the shock absorbers? Not because of the new adjustable beam. Is this the experience you all have had?

Like I say, I’m about to tackle this job. Anyone who has done it successfully, please chime in and set me straight.