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edward ericson


Thanks Will. I think I understand. I gathered from your posts that your previous ride height was too high. Mine’s just about right, but it got that way via the cut-and-turn method Pink derides.

As I understand it, Pink is saying that the cut-and-turned beam lowers the ride height–that is, turns the arms clockwise–while leaving the springs too stiff for the much-lightened load they carry. The adjustable beam allows one to soften the spring rate with or without changing the ride height. Since I don’t want to change my ride height, I’m thinking my existing shocks should be fine. With the new beam and minus four or five of the small leaves, the torsion arms ought to end up at exactly the same angle they’re at now.

But since I am inexperienced and very rusty concerning the limited experience I do have, I ask.

I guess it doesn’t much matter. The beam will come, I’ll pull my front suspension apart, and when it’s all back together, then I’ll find out if I need new and different parts.

I’ve already relearned the old adage: there’s no such thing as a ‘bolt-on.’

I passed on the narrowed beam, so worst that could happen is I’ll have to reinstall the leaves in the cut beam and go back to the way it is now.