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john barry


Thxz Kent and Larry good comments. that is pretty much what my chassis on my LR “OLIVE”looks like -but not that bad hahah

Smile. I have a custom chassis and front end/suspension etc . I believe a guy named Mustie posted some You Tube videos on the LR with independent suspension and custom chassis ..there is good and bad points to the LR .. the good for me is “factory built”

me being unaware of the different kits fo r the MG TD replica’s when I bought the LR I stand on “it is what it is”.Tongue

the best part of the LR is that mine was factory built so there weren’t any corners cut(per say) or a novice mechanic /builder putting it together.

I have seen a lot of contradictory statements here on this forum . so I am not sure what to believe here since I dont know anything about any of the pro’s and cons of the kits …

so with that I am going out in our 50 degrees weather and do some errands with mah girl Pudge before the nasty gale force weather settles in here

and enjoy my MG TD til the suspension falls apart!


jebarry2013-03-04 15:28:29