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“Roy. I did the autoX and my car is a pan with no reinforcements. I think I even beat somebody.”

Ed, thanks for the words of encouragement.  I heard that they are not going to allow the Double=decker city bus in the autocross competition this year. 😆 

“So what if the pan flexes in the auto cross? So what if you loop it? There’s plenty of run-off room and you’re not likely to turn it over. (And if you break anything, we’ll help you fix it).”

I’ll bring my tow bar, just in case.  
“I’ve taken Bridget along some wooded stream roads and even reeled in a couple Brit sports cars in my day.”
45 years ago, I was test driving a XKE on a country road.  In my rear view mirror was an MGB desperately trying to keep up with me.  Finally I slowed down enough to notice that the MGB had a funny flashing light in it’s windscreen.    Not really so funny after all, – I got my first speeding ticket while test driving, on a NY country road, by a cop driving a MGB.  Not fair!! 

“you don’t have to be going dangerously fast to have a good time”
And you are absolutely right about that!  I had some pretty tense moments at 25mph on “Roy’s Loop” with bias ply tires in my MGTF-1500.  In fact it was a lot more fun than radials on my 911s at 45mph.  The lack of good roads to exercise a sporty machine is one of the very few reasons that I am seriously considering, at 72, moving from New Bern, NC to the mountains again.  The country here is so flat you can see your dog run away for 2 days.  

Are you planning on running the autocross again?  
I would really like to drive a couple of the TD’s at the show (not in the autoX), – just to get an idea of what’s right/wrong with mine.