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marvin schollman


HI FrankieD
darla still has the bus and takes it camping every summer…. we would love to come the spring show… can we bring some cars? is the info up on the metro web site??


thanks for the info.. one of the more important parts is the drivers side door mechanism I will take a pic of the pass side and maybe you can tell me if it is a real mg part….hood hinges and latches I think I found, my neighbor is a firefighter and also works on the trucks and had a book full of hardware that they use. all the vw stuff looks easy enough. do you think a real mg td grill can be made to work?? the tail lights are lucas and I found these on ebay perfect match ts-Hot-Rat-Rod-Custom-VW_W0QQitemZ110339950990QQihZ001QQcate goryZ140741QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Once I get my square back up and running I’ll start on this

thanks guys.