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Mark Hendrickson


I have found a fellow in Evergreen, WA that collects and sells Chevette/T-1000 parts. His name is Rick Drake, 800-247-2954.

There is actually a few Chevette forums on the web too. Seems there is a vibrant dirt oval class for these cars in OH, TN & KY.

I have done business with Rick Drake several times. I may ask him to pencil trace a VIN from his oldest and engine-less Chevette (hopefully a 1976) and help me out with this dilema. He may just do it for a small fee too. I’ll present that at the inspection station.

I also was told by NJMVC to register the car as a “Low Mileage” vehicle. The limit is 10,000 per year. This would exempt me from the running dynomometer emissions test and subject me only to the tailpipe “enema” at curb idle. If I leave the CAT on it, it should pass. there is no other smog stuff on the car, no air pump, no EGR, etc. Just a PCV.

I would really like to finish this car. The sad part is that I had it registered in Collector Car Status (but not inspected) until July 2005. I knew I had to take the car apart to fix the speedometer drive gear, so I transferred the plates (w/o the Collector Car Status) to a new PT Cruiser I bought. DANG!!! Another smart move I made, but who knew that NJMVC was going to ram it up our keisters sideways.