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Paul Mossberg


Hi Darrel,

Welcome aboard. The TD and Gazelle replicas have a lot in common, so I’m sure you will find some help here. There are a couple other Gazelle owners in the group, although I have not seen any postings form them in recent months.

Perhaps you’ll draw them out of the woodwork!

Probably the easiest way to tell a front engine body from a rear engine body is the rear fiberglass. For a VW based kit, there will be a separate “clam shell”, that is hinged either on the top or bottom, to provide access to the VW engine. This part would be fixed for a front engine TD replica, there would be no provision for opening it.

There’s another thread going on around stuffing a V-8 into a front engine TD replica. Click “Active Topics” and change it to the “last week”. The thread is titled “new guy/CAN a v8 fit?”


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