Scary night – trial by fire (almost)

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I re-fitted the fuel inlet tube with epoxy, and I am going to safety wire everything after thinking about it some more.

Years ago I lost a car (67 Olds Cutlass, brand new) to a fire.  I was driving along and kept hearing a car horn behind but wasn’t paying much attention.  Suddenly, the engine quit and everything on the dash lit up.  I pulled over, and got out and the guy behind me pulled over (he was the one blowing his horn).  The whole underside of my car was on fire! He said he thought he had a fire exinguisher.  I ran across the street to call the fire dept.  By the time I came back out the car was engulfed in flames. It didn’t explode like you see on tv (I know it could have).  I could only stand there and watch.  The hood bent in two from the heat, then the car tried to start itself for a bit, then the horn came on and blew for a while.  Then the fire dept. showed up.  Only thing missing was marshmallows.