Spare Tire Covers

William J Collins


Frank I’d like to add to your Post that I use a Spare Tire Cover ..It’s the kind that just covers the Tire not the wheel..If he gets a Cover I would recomend that kind..A good Auto Top Shop could make a Cover very easy and Cheaper then MG Magic or Moss Motors..I had my Bus up yesterday to a Friend of mine that Manages a Seat Cover Shop in WoodRidge..While waiting for a repair on the Bus Seats. We chatted about anything and everything. He mentioned that he is starting a Business at home..Doing seats and Bimini Covers for boats..(He lives at Greenwood Lake) I mentioned that I knew a few from this site that were asking for info on Tops etc..He said he would be interested in some work..And could dublicate anything along like Convertable Tops,Seats Etc..So if anyone is interested in possible saving a few dollars …Get Back to me …You would have to send your OLD stuff to be measured and a pattern made