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Mark Hendrickson


Hi Bill,

I had done a little engine “stuff” before this happened. I opened up the air cleaner leaving only the base with no sides and the lid, installed a stand alone crankcase breather, changed the smog carb over to a non-smog (from VW progressive 2 bbl conversion kit), removed the smog pump and plugged the holes in the exhaust manifold, removed the catalytic converter, installed new Bosche Platinum plugs, new rotor, car and wires, and recurved the distributor advance with lighter springs, but the same weights. I have about 34 degrees total now at 2,200 RPM. I also replaced the dried out timing belt, coolant hoses, radiator cap, installed a 180* thermostat and new alternator belt.

I found a camshaft supplier, Lazer Cams. Pacesetter used to make a Chevette header, but discontinued it. I found a guy in KY that fabricates headers for the Chevette oval trackers, but have not hooked up with him yet.

I have been in touch with Fields Performance Engines and found that the early (76-77) Chevette head flows best and he sells them completely set up with a port & polish job and larger valves. He also does bottom ends with domed pistons, “H” beam rods and balanced, knife edged cranks. You can also get 5 lb flywheels!

I think this thing is about 65 hp stock and with all the mods, will make approximately 100 hp with a “stock appearing” progressive 2 bbl carb.

Is it worth it??? Not for my street car. I think if I can get a header and a low restriction muffler, I’d be happy. I have multiple sets of all sizes of carb jets for these carbs, the VW and Weber suppliers sell them. So, with headers and low restriction exhaust, I could dial in the jetting and have a decent little ride.