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Mark Hendrickson


I got into the shifter/transmission end of the engine/trans removal for a few minutes yesterday. I was very busy with “domestic” stuff, but managed a few minutes anyway.

This job is turning out to be a nightmare. There is no clearance¬†room period for the engine or trans period. It looks like I have two options: Removed the bonded/riveted floor tunnel or cut the trans “crossmember” out.

It is so tight that you can only lift the engine 1/2″ before the bell housing hits the firewall/tunnel. The engine mount studs don’t even come out of their holes! Need to have¬†at least 2″ of lifting clearance here.

The transmission shifter “box” is actually sticks through the tunnel about 2″ and the trans is 1/4″ away from the tunnel. So, I can’t raise that enough to get the rubber trans mount off either. I need about 3″ of lifting clearance here as a bare minimum.

I’ll take some pics…when I get my head examined.