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Mark Hendrickson


I got into the shifter/transmission end of the engine/trans removal for a few minutes yesterday. I was very busy with “domestic” stuff, but managed a few minutes anyway.

This job is turning out to be a nightmare. There is no clearance room period for the engine or trans period. It looks like I have two options: Removed the bonded/riveted floor tunnel or cut the trans “crossmember” out.

It is so tight that you can only lift the engine 1/2″ before the bell housing hits the firewall/tunnel. The engine mount studs don’t even come out of their holes! Need to have at least 2″ of lifting clearance here.

The transmission shifter “box” is actually sticks through the tunnel about 2″ and the trans is 1/4″ away from the tunnel. So, I can’t raise that enough to get the rubber trans mount off either. I need about 3″ of lifting clearance here as a bare minimum.

I’ll take some pics…when I get my head examined.