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Harry Kraemer


I recently purchased my CMC MGTD replica from a guy that had it titled in Maryland as a 1990 Kit Car. He had it at a local dealer which I purchased it through.  The dealer gave me a temp tag.  The temp tag expired and the dealer told me at first that it did not need to be inspected but when the tag ran out he told me that I could not get the regular tags until I had it inspected. This is the short version of this story.  I could not get it inspected therefore I could not get tags, etc. All of the inspection stations said that they could not inspect it because it was a kit car. A few phone calls to Motor Vehicles and was told that it should be titled as a 1952 MGTD.  So I jumped on that and was able to get “Historic” tags therefore no inspection or emmission test.  So it is now registered as a 1952 MGTD.