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    edward ericson


    . . . is one of the things my car lacks. No tonneau yet, either. What I have had is a strip of canvas or stay-fast left over from the top rebuild, which can be tied around the collapsed top with just enough room for a knot. It was neither pretty nor particularly effective, but it was better than nothing, as without it the front bow would flap about and make a very nasty oaken racket as soon as the car exceeded 30 mph.

    So, lucky for me I have an understanding and resourceful wife who is, these days, scouring about for a puppy. Yesterday she arrived home from work with these two 22-inch leather dog collars. 20-inchers would’ve done just as well.

    Don’t know if this is old hat for all ‘yall but I thought it was neat. Strapped them on and took Bridget for a spin ’round the block, exceeding 30 mph to test the brakes, the front left one which seems to be locking up rather less frequently than when first tested on Sunday. My theory Number the First may, improbably, turn out to be correct.


    Paul Mossberg


    Had my Classic Roadsters TD actually made it to Carlisle, I’d have been able to show you my roof cover.

    Basically, it’s a big envelope that the folded roof fits into. It’s as wide as the folded roof. The open edge is towards the front, with a full width velcro “seal”. It does not attach to the car. You just pull it around the folded roof and close up the front. Looks very nice when it’s on.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

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    edward ericson


    Yes, I got one of those with my bimini top for the boat.

    James Cochran


    I have a cover like Paul’s. I love the straps though, great idea. They give me the feeling of old world classic British Roadster for some reason.
    I like the coordination and alignment with the spare tire rack rails you have. Very classy 
    I can envision you motoring your way through the country side to your castle in the glen.

    Change ’em out for ones with pointed chrome studs for riding with the gang. Or ones with bling for some dazzle.

    Great idea , thanks for sharing. I think I’ll pick up a pair to hold my top down even though it is in a cover.

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