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    Hello all,
    Just joined. I am buying a Fiberfab model that has no top. Is there a pattern I could get or are there still tops to be found?
    I have been reading these posts for a while and you guys are great. Lots of wisdom and good advice.
    Glad to be a part,

    Larry Murphy


     Hi Will, We are glad to have you as a forum member. Please feel free to ask questions,we welcome them.Remember everyone here was once a newbie .

     About the top, MG Magic has them [see the links page for contact info]. There was a post awhile back which said that their tops may be old stock and may have shrunk or dried out but a member who had recently purchased a top from them was very satisfied. MG Magic may be having new ones made . Brad Anderson ,at MG Magic is very knowledgable and helpful and they have a good assortment of parts for FiberFab and CMC kits.

     Another way to go is to have one made at a local top shop or at a boat dealer..Shop arround but they ain’t cheap.

     FiberFab tops usually do not have the sides cut to allow for rear quarter windows like the original MG did while Classic Roadster and British Coach Works kits do have them. If you need side curtains and go with a local top shop, You could have the top made to allow for the quarter windows and have a more authentic look if that is important to you. Check the cars in the members photo gallery at the top right corner and you can see the difference in the two styles.

    edward ericson


    Rear quarter windows also add a touch of visibility when cruising in the rain. It happens.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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