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    William J Collins


    Hi Bill Collins here,As you all know I have had Angelica up for sale for some time .was on ebay but never reached my reserve.Also was on Craigslist. A few emails back and forth with some of the watchers and bidders I was asked if I’d take a certain amount for it .

    So I have a buyer and received a deposit Monday and the car is being picked up Saturday.. It will be going I expect to Annandale, Virginia

    I talked up the TD REPLICA club here and hope the new owner will join in.. His Name is William Igoe

    Paul you can take me off the Registered car list unless you want to leave me there with my Karmann Ghia I still own ..Not a kit car but still VW.

    I will like to stay as a member though.. And will be watching the FORUM and may chime in once in a while..Have had a few more request for Badges now that I’m out of them.. Keeping a list though and if it gets to 25 or more I’ll order more .. if the Maker if still in business.,. Should be

    Pink MG40073.6980787037

    Rob Baker


    Bill, eventually we all have to part with some toys ūüôā¬†¬†Angelica was a nice example.

    Hopefully it’s going to a good home

    Paul Mossberg


    Congratulations Bill.

    The “Memberlist” takes care of all forum members.

    The registry is intended to be a listing of our TDs. So yes, I will remove you and Angelia from that list.

    Tell¬†Mr. Igoe¬†joining is a condition of sale! Don’t let the car leave your house until he joins! And tell him the only way you’ll answer any post-sale questiosn about Angellica is if he posts them here!

    BTW, I GO is a great name for a car buff.

    Paul Mossberg
    Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
    2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

    If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)

    Mark Hendrickson


    Hey…a¬†TD Replica NOT going to North Carolina??? What’s up with that?

    I wonder if he is related to Yugo…or Wego?

    Congrats Bill…he’s getting a gem. Paul is right…no TD Replica, No Sale!

    Rich Bellefeuille



    Congrats! And James get to color in another state!


    William J Collins


    Well at about 12:15 or so I watched Angelica’s rear End go down the street

    On a two wheeled tow carrier.My wife said I had tear in my eye.might of of

    been from the dust On it’s way to the new owners Home.

    So Paul its official now..So go ahead and remove me from the Registry of


    Larry Murphy


    ¬†Bill, It’s rainy in NC today so I could not have used the dust in my eye excuse,and the tears would have been real. Sometimes hard choices must be made but they are still hard choices.Thanks for your contributions to the forum,hope you will stay envolved with us.Knowing who built Angelica tells me all I need to know about her quality.I am amazed at the amount of knowledge and experience packed away in Mark’s brain so I know she was first class all the way.

                                               Larry M.

    William J Collins


    Larry , Thanks for the kind words…And I’m sure your car is a winner also

    being it had some of Marks magic touch…No I’m not leaving the site i be

    checking the post almost daily..And will put my two cents in now and then

    for what its worth..I guess Mark’s forgot more then most of us will ever

    know ..Now i gave him a big head LOL

    James Cochran



    I hope you are doing alright. I am sure you have looked at that empty space in the driveway many times over the past nine days.

    You have made her new owner a very happy person with a very fine automobile. I remember when I got mine, how I could sit forever behind the wheel in the driveway and dream of fun times ahead, like when Geoff got his baby. You have passed a dream to someone else, and that is a wonderful thing indeed. Not many are able to do that.

    I have left you on the registry spreadsheet and the map until the next update. It will be tough to remove you, very tough. I hope the new owner is as awesome as Larry is when he got the Pink MG, no one could ever wish for a better home than with Larry, and we all are hopeful that Angelica is at home with someone who will cherish her and respect her and love her as you did.

    Take care, and thank you for staying onboard, we need you.


    More power!

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