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    Scott A Chynoweth


    Well first off sorry for being gone for so long.I got called back to work and just don’t seem to have any free time.

    Well as some of you know I was trying to get my 53 titled,passed my inspection all paperwork was sent in.State wanted a Surety Bond for the car.Ok go to my allstate agent explain my dilema says no problem,says he’ll send in the bond,so 3 months later I get a letter from the state no Bond recieved,and now in the mail yesterday all my paperwork returned unable to process.

    I will be paying him a visit next week,and teaching him some new words.I have other ways to get the 53 titled but want to do it the right way.

    So I am looking for hopfully an insurance agent that is framilar with surety bonds that can help me out.

    Dan Rosa


     Happy Thanks Giving ,, I have  Heacock Classic for my car ,they just do collector cars, many companies do not do KIT cars  call them at,, 1 800 274 1804   Dan

    Bill Stuck


    I have American classic cars for insurance— they seem very good — check them out about the surety bond.

    edward ericson


    I’ve got Grundy. No complaints, but no claoims, and I went to them with a clear MD title in hand. They’re all classic, rod, kit, home-built though and so should be generally familiar with your situation.

    Montie Henderson


    Mine is thru State Farm, and I have reg Ohio title for kit car.  I had to get it appraised and it’s just insured for flat amout.   Insurance full coverage with towing & road service etc. for about 250.00 a year. 

    Jim Dudley


    I am in Missouri and purchased my insurance through Hagerty

    Collector Car Insurance for $145 per year. I did this

    through my insurance agent. I have had Hagerty insurance

    before with other classic cars.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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