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    Montie Henderson


    I seem to remmember a while back there was some discussion about Aloha/Hawian shirts.  I think someone said they had quite a few.  Anyone know anything about vintage bowling shirts.  I picked up 3 at a garage sale yesterday on a drive.  Pretty cool embrodery on them Chesterfield cigerettes, Lark cigs, and 1 from a military squadrin in Japan in the early ’60s.   

    Paul Mossberg


    I’ve got about 70 (give or take a few).
    But none are vintage.
    And I’m not at all familiar with the ones you are describing.
    Sorry Montie

    Paul Mossberg
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    Montie Henderson



    I knew someone had a bunch.  These were cheap enough, I searched ebay and couldn’t find anything close, I think I’ll though them on there and see what happends.  They are all size med, I haven’t been that small since,  Ermm well maybe mid 1960’s.  Who knows maybe I’ll get enough for my new wires, hay I can dream can’t I..LOL
    edward ericson


    Vintage bowling shirts blew up in the mid-late 1990s as hipster wear. Lots of guys in their early 20s started sporting them (presumably gleeped from their fathers’ wardrobes) at swing dance clubs. Very cool look, imho.

    You still see them a lot in Baltimore–the Hampden, Gardenville, Hamilton and Lauraville neighborhoods are good places to spot them. No swing clubs any more but now you see them on artful bikers, like the proprietor of Mobtown Cycle. He’s also a reviver of the Karb Kings car club, over which his father presided in the early 60s. They’ve built quite a retro scene over the past 10 years or so–lots of dances and cruises, links to other rat-rod clubs, etc.

    I think we should all get club shirts with TDs on the front. Some of you have’ em. They’d practically be bowling shirts if there were bowling motifs on them.

    edsnova2012-07-08 09:34:35

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