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    steve stransky



    I recently bought a Fiber Fab VW MG TD. ¬† It needs a little work but I’m happy with the car so far. The brake lights are not working, upon inspection the bulb sockets are¬†rusted and pretty well shot. Any idea of how to get replacement sockets for the brake light and turn signal sockets. They seem to be independent units with a VW lens.

    Thanks for any information.




    Here are a couple of links that might be some help, depending on the year your VW was made:

    I’ve purchased MANY marts for my TDr from this company and they are reasonably priced, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, friendly and VERY fast shipping.

    You can probably find lots of other goodies there, too.

    Good Luck!


    Amor Conquista Todo



    What I did was buy some generic 1157 and 1156 sockets from Carquest/NAPA and some boots from MG Magic. Used the 1157 for brakes and driving lights and the 1156 for signal light circuit. Alternatively you could buy VW rear light fixtures but I could not find after market fixtures so would have been faced with searching wreckers yards or swap meets. Figured that sourcing 45+ year fixtures could take time, likely be in similar condition as ones I was replacing and take the car off the road until repaired. Was able to replace fixtures with new parts in a couple of hours. Only caveat is that as body of car is fibreglass you have to wire the ground to the fixture. I just used the mounting bolts that held the fixture in the fender to terminate the ground wire.

    David B Dixon
    Port Perry ON CA



    I bought a pair of these, though I don’t have them installed yet….

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    Early FF TDr on 69 VW pan
    Slowly coming back from the ashes...

    steve stransky


    Thanks to those that posted.

    I think I’ll try David’s approach, it should solve my problem.

    I have bought several items from Jbug and MG Magic already it seem neither had individual socket replacements.

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