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    I have a Chevette based BCW, and have a problem with my brakes.  I have to depress the pedal halfway to activate.  they work fine from that point with plenty of braking authority.  I am a squatty body with short legs and would like to have the upper half of the brake throw.  Any ideas or suggestions?

    Steve Struchen


    Is the overall length of the linkage adjustable? If so, extend the length to take up most of the free play in the travel. 

    If not, you might want to make the linkage adjustable so you can make it longer.
    Peter C. King


    Have you bled the brakes lately? Air in the system will increase pedal travel as you compress the air. It doesn’t take much. Is the color of your brake fluid clear or murky brown. It isn’t the latter you have water in the fluid. Flush the system and start over with new fluid.  


    Peter C. King




    Have you adjusted the brakes? They are not self adjusting even though the Chevette manual says that they are. Nobody backs up enough to make that feature work. The first sign that the brakes are wearing is the pedal dropping.


    Adjust, bleed, then see how high the pedal is. You might be pleasantly surprised.





    Dick ,I also have to adjust up the brakes about every couple months .


    Rob Baker


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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