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    Bill Hartwick


    Any one know where I can buy new front brakes for my 1952 London Roadster?

    PMOSSBERG2015-10-19 09:49:34

    Richard Shear


    London Roadster uses VW Brake’s. Mine used squareback pads and caliphers

    john barry


    Dick ,is your LR built on custom chassis or  VW bug pan?



    Along this same line of question, my LR seems to have drum brakes on all four corners.
    But everything I’ve seen states it should be front disc and rear drum (?). Or am I just mistaken…
    My LR is based on a standard VW bug pan. I don’t know what year.

    Amor Conquista Todo

    John Simion


    If it was a standard bug pan, it would have drums all around unless (a) the LR factory included discs with your car, or (b) you or someone else installed aftermarket discs, such as those from EMPI. I put discs on the front of my VW-based FiberFab, but they really aren’t necessary.

    Richard Shear


    mine had the steel chassis.  I gave all my parts info to the new owner. It was VW brakes. the caliper has the P/N make on it . measured the pads to get the correct ones.  Disc front , drum rear. it was a 1986. Greg Press might be able to help you.



    Greetings my friends
    I just wanted to chime in on the brakes. I converted my front drum brakes to disk and installed an adjustable narrow front end with 2″ drop spindles. Im happy with the results.

    Al Greig


    I converted the front’s to disk about 25 years ago because all of the components needed replacement (shoes, drums, etc).  I have been very happy with results.  About 2 years ago I converted the back to disk for the same reason.  Happy with results but a lot more work the fronts.  Got kit that had emergency brake.  



    I use drums on all 4 corners stainless steel hoses & larger diameter rear wheel cylinders on paper this will work well. our cars are so light I feel that disks are a waste of money just my 2 cents

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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