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    greg press


    one end of hose goes into oil cap  does other end connect to any thing or does it lay there?

    Dan Rosa


     Hi Greg, before we had air pollution controlled   cars they had road draft vent that went from the oil cap down toward the road an angle cut pipe using the forward movement of the car to create a vacuum past he pipe and lower the crank case pressure in the engine block. some time in the late 60’s crank case vents went to the air cleaners the be burnt and to lower crank case pressure at the same time. different from the PVC vent that goes to a port under the carburetor check the under or side of your air cleaner for 1/2 inch [about] male pipe end .  good luck  Dan



    My guess is that you are talking about the hose that goes from the oil filler to the air breather (filter).  Usually there is a small nipple on the bottom of the air filter that it just pushes on to.

    edward ericson


    mine goes to the passenger side wheel well

    Richard Wobby


    after confering with hulmet i would see that it attaches

    to the air cleaner

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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