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    With my girlfriend’s brother’s help, we are trying to get the engine started today. The prior mechanic moved out of town and doesn’t return phone calls any more. We test fitted the new Dellorto carburetor and in that process, noticed that the accelerator cable is missing, and the accelerator pump diaphragm is missing. We’re on a parts run again, this morning.

    The poor baby has been sitting unused for many years and was home to some homeless cats. I have an interior mess to clean up, too.

    Our goal today is to get the engine running before nightfall.

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    Good luck.

    Keep us posted.

    Bill Ascheman
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    A month after that I lost my job again, yet got an interview the next week for a better job that started at the end of April. I spent the next few months settling in and then it was too blazing to work all outside all summer.

    Fall activities kept us busy. The guy helping me is my girlfriend’s brother who now lives in Michigan. He and his wife travel back to Arizona once a year, so far, for about 5-6 weeks. It’s been raining, or I’ve been ill most of that time, so no progress has been made.

    We’re hoping to be able to spend some time on it on Sunday this weekend, if the rain breaks. They leave town a few days after the first and time that we can synch together is limited.



    The carburetor is on, yet I need to get a flexible socket extension to tighten the bolts in the back next to the fan housing. I’m not sure if the rear deck lid is going to fit with it sitting on top of the carburetor.

    The exhaust is ready to hook up, but getting the aftermarket heat transfer tubes in is not easy.

    edward ericson


    Keep goin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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