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    I started this description request, so I better do my part.

    Mr. August is my “muscle car”, a Chevy V8 installed in a Fiberfab custom build vehicle.  Here’s the seller’s ebay write up:

    This is a fiberglass body on a purpose built square tube chassis. The
    front end is an independent unit from GM (edit: Chevette) and has disc brakes (edit: in front, drum in rear) and rack
    and pinion steering. The rear suspension is an independent unit from a
    Nissan 260Z. The engine is a fresh 8-cylinder Chev. 283 that has been bored .060
    over, high performance (camel hump) heads, Summit performance hydraulic
    cam, aluminum intake, Edelbrock carb, chrome headers, with a fresh GM
    turbo 400 [automatic] trans.behind it. This car weighs only 2200 lbs.

    Photo taken in my driveway in Phoenix, Arizona as a snapshot, intended to be a test shot to see if the 21+ MP pixel count and quality were up to par.

    Mark Konrad


    HI Everyone 

    The January car is my a Fiberfab MIGI II originally built in 1981, purchased in July of this year. Its built on a 1970 VW Chassis with a 1970 VW engine. 

    Since I have owned it I have gone through the car just about from one end to other.  First added lights, mirrors, windwings, top, upholstery carpet etc.  Additionally I have almost gotten through the engine with new seals, valve adjustment, alternator, coil, plugs, cap and plug wires, fan belt, valve caps, etc. and moved the pedal cluster.   Now working on replacing carb. air screw volume issue.  Just added weight to the front end this week which helped the stability of the car. The next projects are to pull the dash and rewire a better fuse box, refinish the dash and replace some gauages, build a trunk area in the front and add a windscreen behind the seats which I have built the frame for, and minor little things.

    Picture was taken in the entrance to our development (Highlands Ridge) here in Avon park, Florida.

    Happy New Year.

    Mark K40905.4679398148

Viewing 2 posts - 126 through 127 (of 127 total)
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